Strategic Marketing Consultancy

Strategic Marketing is...

Strategic marketing is often misunderstood and yet an effective marketing strategy is crucial to overall business success as it plays a key role in delivering business objectives.

I help businesses understand where strategic marketing sits within their organisation and how it contributes to the delivery of the business plan working alongside every other function to deliver profitable growth.

Strategic marketing

Strategic marketing encompasses

Identification of key target markets and customer groups
Understanding the industry and markets you operate in
Clarity in what you offer the marketplace
Research and intelligence
The creation of compelling value propositions
Analysis of key external factors
Competitor analysis
Customer understanding

...and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

How might working with a strategic marketing consultant benefit your business?

Develop a marketing strategy that aligns with, supports and delivers business objectives
Represent the voice of the customer
Inform good customer-centric decision making
Attract (the right kind of!) attention
Retain market share
Capitalise on opportunities and mitigate risks
Create products and services customers want
Create a shared language of value creation within your business opposed to talking products, services and features to ensure you stay customer centric and avoid marketing myopia
Create value for your customers and your business
Generate profitable growth
Go beyond products and features toward a deep understanding of customer value creation
Use a shared language to enable strategic conversations and get aligned within your teams
Stop wasting time, money and energy on the wrong things and ideas that won’t work
Create, test and deliver what customers want
Ensure your value propositions are embedded in a viable business model

“People don’t want a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!”

Theodore Levitt

work with me

I can help you...

Clarify and confirm your goals and vision
Define and segment your audience (target markets and target customer groups)
Clarify your offer
Create value propositions that sell
Develop messaging
Position and target choosing channels that reach and influence your audience
Assess competition
Ensure you have a business model that can deliver and support your value propositions
Create implementation plans
Implement and execute your marketing strategy
ways of working

What does working with me look like?

Virtual, Face-to-Face or Hybrid

Every client, project and goal is different. I work with businesses collaboratively which includes agreeing how we want to work so I'm highly flexible when it comes to virtual, face to face or hybrid working and regularly adopt all 3 approaches.

Delivery and approach

Again, this is unique and personal to each and every client and the desired outcomes.


Budgets, timelines and schedules can all affect what's needed so this is something we work out together.


The scope of the work will also dictate, for example, whether it'll be a one off project, a day a month or on-going consultancy.


Interim positions are also something I consider.


I work closely with my clients to get the best outcome so expect interactive sessions, workshops and a truly collaborative approach.


My clients often want to continue with implementation following in depth strategy work and I bring with me a phenomenal network of trusted graphic designers, web developers, videographers, PR professionals and SEO specialists.

“Without strategy, execution is aimless.”

Morris Chang, CEO of TSMC

“Without execution, strategy is useless.”

Morris Chang, CEO of TSMC

“I have had the privilege of a professional association with Hannah for over five years, during which I have had the opportunity to engage the services of Lumos Marketing on multiple occasions. The scope of these engagements encompasses:

Strategic Marketing Plan Development: In a pivotal collaboration, we partnered with Hannah to meticulously evaluate and craft a strategic marketing plan for a publicly listed company. This undertaking required a well-thought-out process designed to enhance the company’s decision-making capacity and bolster its public relations efforts. Hannah’s expertise played a pivotal role in steering this initiative towards success.

Marketing Coaching and Mentorship: Hannah assumed the role of a seasoned marketing mentor, providing invaluable guidance to new members of our marketing team. Her involvement accelerated their learning and development, equipping them with the skills and knowledge required to make a tangible impact in their roles and significantly contribute to our business objectives.

Hannah is a consummate marketing professional with a wealth of experience. She consistently demonstrates a deep understanding of industry best practices and possesses a diverse toolkit of strategies and tactics. Her collaborative approach effectively engages both the organisation and the individuals with whom she works closely, resulting in the consistent delivery of exceptional outcomes.”

Phil Wild

CEO and Strategic Advisor

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