Lune Valley Estates

Case Study, by

Nestled in the heart of the breath-taking Lune Valley, Lune Valley Estates is a professional independent agency specialising in luxury property and here to serve you. 

What was the goal?

To grow the business
To position the business as the only choice for luxury property in the Lune Valley area
To drive visibility
To launch a website concurrent and reflective of their objectives, target audience and value proposition

What did we do?

Created a marketing strategy that aligned with, supported and delivered these business objectives
Provided ongoing marketing consultancy and strategic planning
Designed value propositions for target customer groups
Clarified their offer
Crafted messaging to target their customer groups
Created and launched a new website

The outcome

Increased visibility
Growth and expansion
Increased market and customer understanding
A website designed, built and written for their target audience, conveying effective value propositions based on deep customer understanding and value creation
Delivering great value to clients and seeing this in feedback
Increased engagement