Marketing Mentoring

the why

Why hire a mentor for your marketing team members?

Provide support for someone who’s been recently promoted, moved into marketing or is brand new to a role
Support team members on their way to a promotion
Support individuals in their professional development journey
Help employees gain confidence and feel empowered
Provide external support and guidance as part of professional development plans
Provide a trusted soundboard and space for employees outside of the organisation
Offer support to individuals who may not have access to this within the current setup and structure of the business e.g. a marketing executive without a marketing team or manager within that discipline
Get more out of your teams and foster a supportive culture
Retain and attract talent
Provide opportunities for team members to thrive, develop and achieve their potential
Increase effectiveness, confidence and productivity

“Hannah assumed the role of a seasoned marketing mentor, providing invaluable guidance to new members of our marketing team. Her involvement accelerated their learning and development, equipping them with the skills and knowledge required to make a tangible impact in their roles and significantly contribute to our business objectives.”


Who is this for?

Here are just some examples of the roles suited to my Mentoring service.

Marketing Graduates
Marketing Managers
Marketing Directors
Communications Executives
Sales & Marketing Managers

Ways of working

Virtual or Face-to-Face

Tailored to your needs as a business and those of the mentee, we can work together in the most effective way for you. Whether this be fully virtual, face to face or a combination of the two.

As often as you need

Every mentoring relationship is unique so there is no set 'package' or 'perfect frequency'.


Weekly. Bi-weekly. Monthly. With ad hoc sessions when needed around important meetings or projects. I offer a completely tailored approach based around your needs (and as they change).

Individuals or Small Groups

Whether you have individuals in mind or think mentoring could work effectively for 2 at a time, let's have a chat and go from there.

Tailored to your requirements

This is all about your organisation and your team members so the first thing we'll do is clarify what it is you're looking to achieve, how I can support your team members and then we'll agree the scope and approach. From guidance, support and a gentle nudge in the right direction to more structured coaching I will tailor my approach to you.

Progress Reviews

It is really important to have regular check ins to assess progress, make sure everyone is on the same page, and make any necessary tweaks and changes.

“I am incredibly fortunate to have Hannah as my mentor in the early stages of my marketing career. Her guidance, support, and weekly mentoring sessions have been invaluable. As a recent graduate navigating the complex world of marketing, Hannah’s expertise and approach have been truly impactful.

Hannah has the ability to simplify complex marketing concepts into understandable, actionable tasks. Her mentorship style is both structured and flexible, allowing me to work on specific tasks she assigns, which we then dissect and discuss during our calls. This hands-on approach has not only enhanced my marketing skills but has also given me the confidence to tackle new challenges.

Hannah’s dedication to my growth is evident in the time and effort she invests in our mentoring relationship. Her constructive feedback, encouragement, and willingness to share her knowledge make each session a valuable learning experience. Hannah’s guidance has provided me with a strong foundation, and I look forward to our continued collaboration as I navigate the exciting world of marketing.

Thank you, Hannah, for being an outstanding mentor and a source of inspiration.”

Abbie Hanson

Graduate Marketing Executive

“Hannah has been an incredible mentor to me during my transition into a new role at Viritech. As a seasoned professional in marketing, Hannah possesses an exceptional depth of knowledge and expertise that has been instrumental in helping me navigate my new position.

Hannah’s kindness and patience have shone through in every interaction we’ve had. She consistently goes out of her way to ensure that I feel supported and understood. What I appreciate most is how she’s always pushing me to exceed my own expectations, constantly encouraging me to strive for excellence. Her ability to make complex marketing concepts accessible and easy to grasp is remarkable. Even though most of our sessions occurred online, it never once compromised the high-quality content and advice she consistently delivered.

Hannah’s willingness to provide constructive feedback and offer guidance has been instrumental in my professional growth. Her kindness, along with her unparalleled knowledge, makes her a great mentor. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to learn from her and am excited about the continued growth and success that her guidance has made possible.

Thank you, Hannah, for your exceptional mentorship and for guiding me through my professional journey.”

Denise Doherty

Communications Associate

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