In-House Training

the why

In-House Training - Empower your team

Develop teams by exploring strategic fundamentals together
Align teams with a shared understanding, language and vision
Develop critical skills of senior leaders which may lay outside their subject matter expertise but which they need to be effective
Provide a better understanding of strategic marketing and how it plays a critical role in achieving business objectives
Improve performance of senior team members and critical teams driving success
Accelerate the integration and adoption of strategic marketing 'thinking' and effective marketing strategies
Training tailored to your business, your employees and your unique vision and goals
Invest in company performance
Retain and attract talent
Provide opportunities for team members to thrive, develop and achieve their potential
Increase effectiveness, confidence and productivity

“Hannah is undoubtedly a strategic marketing expert, bringing technical knowledge to the room every time.”


Who is this for?

Here are just some examples of the roles suited to my In-House Training.

Senior Leadership Teams

Ways of working

Virtual, Face-to-Face or Hybrid

Training can be delivered virtually, in person or through a combination of both. We will discuss your schedule, objectives and learning style.

Flexible Delivery

Tailored to your needs training can be delivered when and how best suits you. Whether that's over consecutive days or spread out over weeks or months we will agree the best delivery method for you and your team.

Individuals or Teams

Training can be delivered to teams or individuals depending on your requirements and objectives.

Bespoke & Customised Content

The beauty of in-house training is that the content is customised for you  - what you want to focus on most, which areas need the most attention and which industries, markets and customer groups are most relevant. Whilst covering the fundamentals we will then explore and apply these concepts directly to your business.


“I thoroughly recommend Hannah as a skilled Strategic Marketeer and a consummate professional, who is always a pleasure to work with. She has been a part of our Operating Partner practice at gunnercooke since the start of 2022 and embodies our ethos, being an established senior leader who can bring real-world experience to support our clients and help them thrive.

She has also contributed significantly to our education work, bringing her passion for training and mentoring to the Mini-MBA and Director Programmes that we run in partnership with INPD and the University of Chester.”

David McIntyre

Operating Partner, gunnercooke

“Hannah is undoubtedly a strategic marketing expert, bringing technical knowledge to the room every time.

The more vital aspect for me, however, is the human element Hannah brings first and foremost to everything she does. Curiosity, care and compassion, meaning there is absolute authenticity in every conversation.

That’s why I love working with Hannah as a peer in delivering executive leadership programmes as I know the delegates will be inspired by her presence.”

Stewart McCombe

Operating Partner, gunnercooke & Board Member

“Hannah was great and personable. The slides were very interactive and there were some great case studies that were really relevant to the slides and helped demonstrate the points covered. She also made me feel comfortable to contribute to the session. The content in the session actually surprised myself and some of the other delegates as I wasn’t sure how relevant or interesting marketing would be (sorry!) but it really was and made it clear how far reaching it is”

“Stuart and Hannah both brilliant presenters, engaging, welcoming and encouraged participation”

“Excellent, on point, relevant and well prepared”

“Hannah was brilliant, and gave me a lot to think about.”

in action

Case Studies