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At Lumos we create meaningful connections and value based relationships.

We look at the fundamentals; your marketing strategy and value proposition. A value proposition refers to the value a company promises to deliver to customers should they choose to buy their product. We ensure this is embedded in a scalable and profitable business model.

We then translate this into engaging, relevant and highly creative content, such as social media campaigns or an exclusive event, which highlight the value you intend to create for your customer.

As marketers our job is to tell your story to attentive ears and create a desire in each and every one of them. This is driven from their now unwavering belief that you can and will make their lives better.

Where strategy meets creativity

Let Lumos tell your story through Graphic Design, Social Media and Video. Visit the content page for the full spectrum of creative services Lumos has to offer.

Hannah is the real deal. Her knowledge and experience is only outweighed by her passion for her job. She’s an absolute pleasure to work with
Carie Barkhuizen, Founding Director, Seymour PR
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Find your space

Market positioning is all about finding your sweet spot.

A space where you find the greatest synergy between you and your customer. Thus creating clear connections between what matters to them and how your products, services and features maximise the desired, and minimise the unwelcome.

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Tell your story

Now you know where you should set up camp, you need to tell your story. Let your customers know how you can improve and enrich their lives. Show them you understand their greatest wants and needs.

At Lumos we are storytellers and we'd love to help you tell yours. Whether it’s through a video, social media, imagery, web design, events, or simply just words... tell your story with Lumos.

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Share your value

Value is in the eye of the beholder - knowing your customer has never been so important.

By matching what you can deliver, with experiences, products and services customers desire, you unlock your worth and find value based synergy.

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